Our Process

Streamlined Accounting Services & Technology for Your Business

Step 1 – Survey

Your Current Accounting & Bookkeeping

We will set up a call with our owners so you can tell us about your business. We’ll get into a high level conversation about your company, your current accounting services and software, how you invoice your customers, pay your company bills, and how your company is set up (sole proprietor, LLC, corporation). We’ll also talk about taxes and tax savings!

Step 2 – Demo

Accounting & Bookkeeping Technology

You’ll have a choice of three monthly flexible pricing packages that include our monthly accounting services and suggested technology for your business. We will go over each pricing package and our flexible payment options to make sure we have addressed your business needs and figure out what package fits best for your business.

Step 3 – Pricing

Value is What We Provide

Next, we will get you on a call with our staff who are experts in accounting technology. We’ll talk about how current accounting technology will help your business moving forward. Cloud software, Apps, Cloud Report Writers, Merchant Services – there’s technology for that! Streamlining accounting with technology is what we do!

Step 4 – Kickoff

Let’s Get Started

You have found a package that works for you, we’ll meet to go over our project plan and deliverables. We will start our technology set up, review any needed company changes for tax purposes, develop processes and procedures, and schedule training. At this point, we’re ready to get to work! We will talk about our team approach, our Microsoft Teams, Slack communication channels, and who’s on the team!

Step 5 – You Can Relax Now

We’re on it

Sit back, relax and watch us expertly handle your Transaction Entry, Bank Reconciliations, Journal Entries, Payroll, Sales Tax, General Ledger and Custom Financials. Your accounting services and bookkeeping process are now streamlined and clean! You can now go ahead and grow your business, live your life and say goodbye to your accounting stress.